Our Story

Eva’s Garden was born in the beautiful caribbean country of Dominican Republic from our founders need to find a natural alternative to skincare. After our founder, Eviel Taveras, suffered from a serious case of acne, she had to find a way to treat her condition and getting rid of the problem. After testing out many skincare brands ranging from high-end brands to drugstore brands (all full of toxic chemicals)  and seeing little to no results only irritated skin, she decided to create her own natural alternatives. 

So, she started doing some serious research and after two years of clear and glowing skin she decided that she had to share what had worked for her and changed not only her skin but also her lifestyle. That's how Eva's Garden was born, a brand committed to bringing a complete line of natural and effective skincare products to treat different skin conditions, elevate peoples senses and improve their confidence. 






All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and plant derived. Here is a list of the ingredients we use, their benefit or function and in which of our products you'll find them.